Popular online retailer Zappos.com has been compromised. The website has asked its 24 million customers to reset their passwords after a cyberattack. An e-mail sent from company CEO Tony Hsieh to Zappos employees on Sunday said:

“We were recently the victim of a cyber attack by a criminal who gained access to parts of our internal network and systems through one of our servers in Kentucky,”

According to Zappos the full credit card numbers and other payment info were not accessed by the hacker as it was stored on a separate server. However the hackers gained access to customers’ names, e-mail addresses,  billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, and the last four digits of credit card numbers and encrypted passwords.

The email also said:

“We’ve spent over 12 years building our reputation, brand, and trust with our customers. It’s painful to see us take so many steps back due to a single incident,”

Source: cnn