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As per a study conducted at Old Dominion University in Virginia, a person’s Facebook profile can predict whether he/she will be good at the job or not. Researchers believe that a person’s caliber can be judged by looking at his/her Facebook profile pretty much accurate as self-reported personality tests.

Katelyn Cavanaugh, one of the study’s authors and a doctoral student at Old Dominion said:

“Not only can you find very current information on someone’s social media profile, but you can also access a record of that person’s past behaviour,”

“There is value in that; we cannot capture someone’s history in a single personality test,”

Richard Landers, an Old Dominion assistant professor and the study’s co-author believe that social networking profile gives more accurate description of a person and hence the information is more authentic than what a personality test.

He said:

“On self-report measures, applicants can generally figure out what the company wants them to be and answer to reflect that. On social media, that’s much harder,”

Source: firstpost

candidate’s Facebook profile can now predict whether they will be good at their job