Hackers from Team Indian Cyber Army (ICA) hacked Pakistani Hackers website www.pakhackerz.com

The database of pakhackerz is now available with Team ICA.

Database Proof  hack proof is posted as defaced image in www.pakhackerz.com

Defaced Website: http://pakhackerz.com/


(Click on above image to zoom)

Indishell Release a Message on Pastebin and also dump the whole database of Pakhackerz.com for download.

  • H4ck3r

    Team ICA rocks.. I wish them good luck!
    Keep on Hacking Guys 😉

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    I added your site to Favorits. I am constantly monitored. All of your posts very interesting.

  • Johnson Malara

    Great post.I’m enjoy it.Thank U!