If you want to feel your self in the movie then 4D technology is what you need have to experience it. Over 200 cinemas in US are looking to install 4D technology to add smell odors like flowers or gunpowder, wind and mists of water and extra stimulation to enhance the cinema experience.

[box_dark]”We’ve done a number of films with them, and they’ve been very successful,” said Chris Aronson, head of domestic distribution for 20th Century Fox. “It’s certainly something that’s unique to the theater environment.”[/box_dark]

CJ Group from South Korea is finalizing a deal with a nationwide US cinemas create nearly 200 4-D theaters in the next five years. Installing 4D technology will cost US$2 million per theater and will be able to create over 1,000 types of smell. CJ group has already built theaters in Asia and Mexico and has proven to be very popular.

Source: cnet

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