If you are a regular user of twitter, you might have noticed the outage for an hour and also the timeline issues. These issues are now resolved.

A note from Techcrunch said that,

You could tweet earlier. You could go to people’s profiles and see their latest tweet. You can even tweet that Twitter was down. Only some people could see that tweet… if they searched for it.

This was either because the home feed was updating really very slowly, or in case of some users it did not update at all.

The problem existed in all versions of Twitter – Desktop version, mobile apps, Tweetdeck, web app and all other API clients.

In a status update by Twitter it said that they were aware of the problem. It said “We are currently experiencing an issue with tweeting and a delay in timelines. Our engineers are currently working on this issue.”

It was updated later to say that the issue had been fully resolved and twitter apologized for the inconvenience.

The uptime of the site was also confirmed by Downrightnow after an hour’s outage to set right the timeline issue.

It isn’t particularly clear what caused the outage and how many users were affected, but it looks as though it was not limited to a single country or a part of the world, because Twitter India also experienced similar problems. Twitter has not yet elaborated on the reasons for the disruption.

Source : Tech Crunch