Twitter is heading for 500 million members, has acquired social news service company Summify for an undisclosed sum, in a bid to help better clear all the noise in  the content which is being shared across twitter for it’s each member. For our readers who don’t know how Summify works, well its a service that digests the links in one’s Twitter feed and produces a daily email of the most relevant stories. Twitter has been given a boot up adding a new ‘discover’ tab.

Twitter development team is constantly working on the site so that it can make it easy to use by old and new users. It’s hard to learn to use Twitter, and users give up easily if they don’t get it. Summify can help Twitter show new users why they should use the service. Summify’s operations being shut down and its team relocating to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.  Twitter has said Summify’s product will become a “more streamlined service” under its ownership.