Twisted Metal PS3 is a vehicle combat video, This game is developed by ESP(Eat Sleep Play) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.Twisted Metal is the Best Selling and longest running Playstation Franchise!
The game was actually planned to launch in late 2011 but it was delayed to early 2012.

This game has three characters namely SWEET TOOTH,DOLL FACE and MR GRIMM but each can use any vehicle.And this game features some insane vehicles like AXEL,DARKSIDE,REAPER etc.
And Weapons?Don’t even ask about it.This game features 7 different weapons with their own unique feature.There are 8 different levels to play, Each with breathtaking graphics.
And there are 7 different game modes to play with.The game mainly focuses on multiplayer modes with upto 4 player split screen and aloows 16 players to be online.

If you have a craving for violence and wanna blow shit loads of things up (fashonably or grusomely) well pick up a copy of Twisted Metal, Eat Sleep Play Studios made it clear enough for gamers to get the maximum out of your PS3 to do some damage control.Blazing guns, rockets, Tactical nukes etc, and shit loads of weapons ammunition quences away your utmost desire to kill people.
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