Over the years gaming has developed leaps and bounds. Many consoles and interfaces have come up in the past but users have been always wanting for more. So it is not that big a surprise that the gaming industry have looked for an expansion in some quality gaming beyond the usual gaming consoles and desktops. Smartphones and tablets have emerged as the latest gaming interface for many. And since nowadays almost everybody owns a smartphone that too with some real powerful hardware to support graphics intensive gaming, developers are leaving no stone unturned.

Today we are checking out the 5 best android tablet games among a plethora of games available at the marketplace keeping some parameters in mind such as accessibility, ease of use and popular among a wide range of age groups.

1. Bad Piggies HD: Rovio has always given us winners, its Angry Birds series was a huge inspiration while designing this game and well, it is a wonderful game. It is not quite difficult to play, but still requires a certain level of logic to get the locomotive perfect and efficient. It gained instant recognition and popularity and was the most played game in recent times. The jist of the game is very simple. You have to build a vehicle to carry the piggy up or down the hill and pick up stars and bonuses to and reach the finish line to qualify for the next level.

bad piggies

2. Fruit Ninja HD: Maybe the simplest or maybe the most difficult, its upto you to judge. But all we know, it is really satisfying to slice up fruits flying in the air, especially on a big screen. This game actually became pretty popular among many as this can be played absolutely anywhere in under any circumstances. The best part is small kids of the age of 5 to an old veteran of the age of 50 can all play this game with complete ease. It is the most awesome form of entertainment maybe. One of the favourite games on the Samsung Tablets in India, this is a must have for your new tablet device.

Fruit Ninja HD


3. Dead Trigger: First person shooting games have always been great fun to play and very popular as well, and Dead Trigger fulfils that void of a quality first person game. It is based on the post zombie apocalypse scenario where you have to slay one after another row of the Undead to earn cash and purchase newer better weapons to make it all more interesting. The game though free has areas where you need to actually splurge your real money to acquire objects.

dead trigger

4. Angry Birds HD: Rovio’s first most popular game ever, Angry Birds has won millions of hearts all across the globe. The game available on almost all the touch platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. has become the biggest hit among games. It even lead to Rovio to roll out various versions of this game like Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. Even after years since the game launched, it is still a hugely played and loved game around.

Angry Birds HD

5. Global Outbreak: Strategy games are pretty scarce in the gaming scenario for tablets and smartphones, but Global Outbreak aims to fill in the void. This is also a zombie based game where you need to strategically move your team of mercenaries and destroy all the zombies. The game is very detailed and well designed, but this could also become a bit of the nuisance as many things like buildings may take upto an hour to complete. So it does require a huge amount of real time to play the game. Though it is free, you can spend some real money to cut through many waiting periods in between. The lowly tablet price in India ensures that you make the most of your purchase with this game.

global outbreak

Apart from these 5, there are many other games as well like Subway Surfers, Shadowgun, etc. but the games mentioned above are the most popular and regularly played by many. So if you are bored or thinking how to spend some time then grab your tablet, get these games and off you go. You won’t have to worry about getting bored again.