Tonino Lamborghini in-ear headphones

When we hear the word “Lamborghini“, the things that strikes our mind is luxury and performance. Tonino Lamborghini, son of the Lamborghini owner has unveiled Trio of in-ear headphones – Quantum HL-01, Quantum ML-01 and Quantum EL-01.

Quantum HL-01 is the high end version among the three. The HL-01 will feature a luxurious and modern design and will also come with a secure fit, which means that it could be used during fitness or sports-related activities without it falling out of your ears. It also comes a clip to keep the remote attached to clothes for easy access to track and volume changes which specially designed for Apple devices. Users also get a carry case with silicone and foam tips in various sizes.

Quantum ML-01, a mid-range model that comes with Thin Film Acoustic Technology (TAFT) which has been patented for detailed sounds and tight bass.

Next is Quantum EL-01, entry-level in-ear with 10-mm drivers, TAFT quality sound and a one-touch remote with mic for Android devices.

The Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01 is £58, Quantum ML-01 is £82 and top-end Quantum HL-01 is £124. They are expected to be available to buy from June.

Source: pocket-lint