While trotting around the web I happen to find out about this new website that can revolutionize torrenting. Downloading torrents, legal or illegal is not considered as a easy thing. But this website is sure to make a great impact on reducing the difficulty of downloads. The website is called Bitportthis will change the way in which you access and download torrents.

Using Bitport you can download the torrents and stream them or download them altogether on to your local storage. There are two types of accounts, one for freebies and other is premium, the free account has a limited storage space.


Using Bitport is pretty simple. Get registered for either the basic free one, or the one of the per-month premium options, log into your web console, from where all the magic happens. You can link to a torrent file or magnet link, or upload a file yourself. The torrent downloads (you can do a bunch at a time, or queue downloads for later), and once the file is saved in your personal cloud storage account, you can download it, or more likely just stream the file online.

Torrenting on cloud is simpler and better for the user as the  download will take place in a server sitting in a data centre at much higher speeds, For example a year-old file with a couple seeders got pulled down at 10MB/s. In the case of popular torrents, the download is instantaneous. And there are other benefits that include privacy and zero risks.

Of course that pushes the risks to Bitport. The company has strict terms of use which, “surprise surprise”, forbid downloading copyright material. Bitport also told that it would comply to takedown requests for copyrighted material if they needed to – but since nothing is publicly available, that hasn’t happened yet.

There is another similar website called Put.io which does the same thing. But the main thing to observe here is there is no free version in put.io. Although even Bitport has apremium model giving you more storage, The later is much more economical compared to the former. In Bitport, $5-$15 gives you storage from 30GB – 250GB of storage space.