The Newest Innovation of Apple Maps in iOS 10
The Newest Innovation of Apple Maps in iOS 10

Sometimes, people have a hard time remembering where they have parked their car, especially if they are in an unfamiliar place or if they have a lot of things in their mind. Spending time locating where you have parked your vehicle can be frustrating, not to mention time-consuming. But now, a great solution will be launched for Apple users all over the globe to ease the problem of locating their cars.

Apple will launch its newest feature of a car park locator in their upcoming iOS 10, using the Apple Maps app which will be a great help to locate easily where the user’s car was parked. A drop pin in Apple Maps will show the exact stationary location of the car. There will also be a guide on how to get to the user’s home and the estimated time to reach it. The pin will disappear once the car arrives home.

Big changes will excite users in the use of Apple Maps, which will also support third-party applications associated with the maps. For instance, the user may hail a ride from Uber straight from the map and one may also search for nearby restaurants, malls, or any place he wants to go using the Maps (instead of having to Google it) to save more time.

A smarter Apple Maps will also support Apple Pay in searching a wide range of services as well as pulling from one’s iPhone or iPad calendar a suggested route for one’s appointment the next day.

There are already several car park locators found in the App Store and this newest innovation will surely be a stiff competitor with the other applications. With Apple’s newest car park reminder, all will be accessible at your convenience — whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with a certain place. Thanks to Apple Maps, you will never forget anymore where you have parked.