Looks like Israeli-Turkish Cyberwar has begun. Turkish hacker managed to hack a number of DNS settings few days back by using DNS Hijacking method which included Theregister, The Daily Telegraph, UPS, Vodafone, National Geographic and other. They hijacked some 350 Israeli websites.

Hackers calling themselves the “TurkGuvenligi group” claimed they had done the cyber-attack. TurkGuvenligi translates as “Turkish security.”

Shai Blitzblau, head of Maglan-Computer Warfare and Network Intelligence Labs says:

“The hack represents a 10%-15% spike compared to the average number of daily hacks of Israeli websites,”

Blitzblau also believed that the operation was very sophisticated and probably entailed a significant financial investment.

There has been huge investments in cyber-warfare programs by Israel’s military and security establishment.

Source: israelnationalnews