This is one music system all party animals and music lovers will die for. The Aero Dream One, This is a 11 foot tall 10,000W stereo system. Just enough to blow the roof of your home. This is an  all-purpose dock for any iDevice. Designed by Jean Michel Jarre a Musician and Entrepreneur.


This massive system is  feet (3.4m) tall with a diameter of 16.3 inches (415mm) and weighs about 871 pounds( 395kg), It comes with a built in ladder so that you can dock your device at the top. The gargantuan dock can be connected  also through the stereo minijack, XLR line level inputs or USB. The price for this is @565,000.

Now for the good stuff, this bad boy consists of five separate amplifiers . They are a subwoofer, 2 midrange and 2 highend which rates from 25 Hz to 20 kHz. Each one of these is custom built to your specification. The company is now taking pre-orders , and the dock will be delivered in six months. You can choose between three color schemes chrome , black or white. And once ordered you also get two VIP tickets to Jarre’s upcoming World Tour and also get to meet him in person.

Jarre said

“With the progress of technology, the conditions of recording music in the studio have advanced considerably, whereas the means of listening in general have not ceased to regress: the vinyl has been replaced by the CD, largely inferior in quality, which has now given way to even more low-grade MP3 files. We have progressively lost our emotional rapport with sound.”

The company also makes smaller versions of the Aero System One mini-tower dock which costs around $1,140.

Source: CultOfMac