It seems the war between Apple and Samsung is never ending.Samsung has decided to slash the prices of its high end phones by Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 in India.The price cut comes at a time when its arch rival Apple came up with their latest, iphone 5,which has surpassed all expectations and is barking on its success.

The galaxy S III is priced at Rs 35,499,a price cut of Rs 3,500 on Samsung e-store in India.Galaxy  note is priced at Rs 29,990 ,a drop of Rs 3,500.Galaxy S II has also come down to Rs 25,000 which was previously priced at Rs 27,000.The phone is very popular in India and comes with Icecream sandwich version of the Android.

The prices of phones below Rs 20,000 remained unchanged.


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  • satadip

    completely fake news,price are still the same in e store…

  • satadip

    completely fake news….price are still and will be the same.