Syria, engulfed with civil war has disappeared form the internet. Research firm Renesys keeps track of all status and health of the technical underpinnings of the Internet around the world, has reported that at 10:26 UTC (12:26pm in Damascus) Syria’s International Internet connectivity was shut down.

It seems that all 84 blocks of IP addresses assigned to Syria have gone unreachable. The middle eastern country, Syria is now in the dark of not receiving and sending any information to the outside world. Renesys is currently investigating why and what is going on, but usually governments block internet access to civilians to curb spreed of information and control the flow of information to the world and with in the country.

People on Twitter are starting to notice. An hashtag #SyriaBlackout is showing up

Syria Disappears From the Internet gektechSyria Disappears From the Internet geektech

This isn’t the first time Syria went offline, last July Syria was fully disconnected for 40 minutes. While the civil war between the rebels and government troops continue to clash, it is said that president Bashar al-Assad may be behind the internet blackout.

Source: allthingsdthenextweb