Hackers have released the source code of antivirus firm Symantec’s pcAnywhere utility on Tuesday. The leak has been confirmed by Symantec and the source code has been published to The Pirate Bay and possibly other channels. The files have been uploaded by a user named “stun”. We can see the image of “AntiSec“, a movement powered by Anonymous hacker group appeared alongside.

Symantec has offered $50,000 to hacker Yamatough, one of the members of the Lords of Dharmaraja group, in an attempt to prevent publication of the code. The hacker also said that the “NAV” (Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition) source code would be published soon.

Symantec said:

“It is part of the original cache of code for 2006 versions of the products that Anonymous has claimed to have been in possession during the last few weeks.”

Cris Paden, Symantec spokesman said:

“Symantec was prepared for the code to be posted at some point and has developed and distributed a series of patches since January 23rd to protect our users against known vulnerabilities,”

“We have been conducting direct outreach to our customers since Jan. 23rd to reiterate that in addition to applying all relevant patches that have been released, customers should also ensure that pcAnywhere version 12.5 is installed, and follow general security best practices.”

Paden said that if Symantec customers are running up-to-date, patched versions then they would not face increased risk. “As we have already stated publicly, this is old code, and Symantec and Norton customers will not be at an increased risk as a result of any disclosure,” Paden said.

Hacker YamaTough told Reuters:

“We tricked them into offering us a bribe so we could humiliate them,”

It looks like hackers are not much interested in money than hack! Do you think Symantic would get affected because of this hack? Do you support the hacker’s move on releasing the source code to public? Please do comment your opinion and let us know.

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