Group of hacker who call themselves “Lords of Dharmaraja” claimed to have access to a part of Symantec source code. Symantec Corporation is the largest maker of security software for computers, best known for its Norton brand. Symentec has confirmed the hack by posting the following message:

[box_dark]”Symantec can confirm that a segment of its source code has been accessed. Symantec’s own network was not breached, but rather that of a third party entity.We are still gathering information on the details and are not in a position to provide specifics on the third party involved.Presently, we have no indication that the code disclosure impacts the functionality or security of Symantec’s solutions. Furthermore, there are no indications that customer information has been impacted or exposed at this time.“[/box_dark]

The hackers claim that they discovered the information in a hack of India’s military computer network. They say they have discovered within the Indian Spy Programme source codes of a dozen software companies which have signed agreements with Indian TANCS programme and CBI.

The leaked source code appears to be 2006 version of Symantec’s Norton antivirus product. However this could be a critical blow to Symantec.

Source: thehackernews

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  • Aryan

    how can a 4 year old source code leak of an av program which evolves rapidly to detect new threats and protect newer operating systems be a critical blow???

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