Hacking group SwagSec has just released thousands of pieces of information from Justin Bieber and Amy Winehouse fans on SwagSec twitter account that includes names, adresses, emails, passwords and phone numbers.The archive of Justin Bieber fan information seems to come from some sort of contest that was held asking fans to tell an as-yet unknown site why they think that the pop star should perform in their town. One randomly picked example:

Because Justin is loved so much here and he’s an imperation because he shows boys that they can do what they want to do if they really want it. And i think he’s gorgeous 🙂


The archive seems to contain just over 5,500 entries, although SwagSec stipulates the number at ‘fiddy trillion thou’.This information dovetails with the archive of Amy Winehouse fans, which is substantially larger at almost 50,000. The Winehouse archive has the umisic.co.uk URL in the title, indicating that it was grabbed from the Universal Music UK site.

Source: spartandriveby