Few days back whitehat security firm Stratfor underwent a massive hack by Anonymous/Lulzsec hackers on eve of Christmas or should we tell ‘LulzXmas’ as the Anonymous would call it. The hackers published hundreds of thousands of email addresses belonging to subscribers of private intelligence analysis firm Strategic Forecasting Inc along with thousands of customer credit card numbers. The list, published late on Thursday, includes email addresses appearing to belong to people working for large corporations, the U.S. military and major defense contractors – information.

The hackers had promised that the release of the stolen data would cause “mayhem.”

John Bumgarner, chief technology officer of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit said:

There are thousands of e-mail addresses here that could be used for very targeted spear phishing attacks that could compromise national security,

The hackers said the list included information from about 75,000 customers of Stratfor and about 860,000 people who had registered to use its site. It said that included some 50,000 email addresses belonging to the U.S. government’s .gov and .mil domains.

Source: reuters , pastebin