Wi-Fi has got the ability to connect to most of the electronic devices that connects to internet and has become the mainstream wireless technology to a equator of households world wide. According to new research from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service, 439 million households worldwide have WiFi networks equivalent to 25% of households.

South Korea has the highest no of Wi-Fi networks, about 80% of the total households. The population size in China, it already has the highest no of WiFi users in the world.

[box_dark]Jia Wu, Senior Analyst, Connected Home Devices, said, “Developed broadband markets are currently the leading countries in terms of Wi-Fi household penetration. However, because of its population size, China already has the highest number of Wi-Fi households in the world, followed by USA and Japan.”[/box_dark]

[box_dark]Kantideep Thota, Analyst, added, “As most broadband growth will come from Asia Pacific, the bulk of Wi-Fi household growth will also will take place in China, India and other emerging Asia Pacific countries. China alone will account for 31 percent of total Wi-Fi household growth over the next five years.”[/box_dark]

Source : businesswire


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