Steve Jobs has worked on many projects all his like and one of his final projects it the super high-tech yacht. One year since Steve Jobs died the yacht has been completed and was unveiled in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands, unfortunately Mr Jobs didn’t get to see his yacht completed as he died of pancreatic cancer in 2011.

The yacht is no ordinary yacht, only the rich and the elite can build and own this kind of luxuries, as it spans 80m (260 feet) long made out of lightweight aluminium with 3m (10 feet) high windows. The boat has been built by Dutch custom yacht builders Feadship and named Venus for the Roman goddess of love.


Philippe Starck French product designer who designed the yacht says “Steve was very rigorous. You cannot imagine the work we have done on all the details during five years with Steve. Everything is incredibly well done, even a lot better than other boats.”

Starck says that Jobs was very pleased with the result of the work. “He said, ‘My God, it’s better than I could have dreamt’.”


Check out the video below of the Yacht:

Source: BBC