We have seen Speaktoit – the android alternative for Siri, back in October. With a rating of 4+ the Speaktoit Assistant version 2 is now available on iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S!



By coming to iOS, Speaktoit gives iPhone 3GS and 4 users (who can’t get Siri) the most complete virtual assistant available, and Speaktoit
will compete with Siri on 4S by offering newer capabilities. Speaktoit can do essentially everything Siri can.


  • Speaktoit works on older iPhones, not just 4S.
  • Speaktoit lets you customize  your avatar, so you’re not talking to a faceless circle.
  • Speaktoit can search maps outside the US
  • Speaktoit can update your Facebook /Twitter/Foursquare
  • Speaktoit adds new functionality often (Siri hasn’t updated since launching).
  • Speaktoit speaks what it says (for example, if you search for weather, this is the difference: Speaktoit: “It is 70 degrees in London” vs Siri: “Here is the weather.”).

It’s currently available on the Apple App Store (priced at $1.99, but will be free to the first 100,000 people on Valentine’s Day). It’s also still free on Android.



Thanks to Kyle Peterson for providing this information.