We are already aware of some really impressive stuffs ‘Siri’ can do on IPhone 4S. Ever wished to have a similar assistant on your Android Phone as well? Well, here you go; it’s called ‘Speaktoit Assistant’ and it might very well be called Siri’s alternative for Android. The app, still in its Beta version is available for free in Android Market and has some spectacular features wherein you can update your Facebook Status, Call, Play Music, Message and do a lot more. The app will soon be available for iOS, Windows Phone, Bada & Blackberry.
22 inch wheels
22 inch rims
Download Links: Speaktoit Assistant 0.2.3

Computer: LINK

Android Market: LINK 



  • Julie

    can this app be used on the ipod touch

  • Abhi

    If you have an ipod touch then you can use Siri itself on that right… why go for alternative then! :-p