In the past few decades, a lot of things have changed but one thing that hasn’t really changed is powering electronic devices. You still just plug them in and go. With all of our countless gadgets and devices, the one thing that we always need is power. Our gadgets are charged, drained and charged again in an endless cycle.

Sony thinks there are some improvements to be made here, which is why it’s working on a smart outlet which would allow not only for intelligent, dynamic power management, but also for you to be charged money for your power directly by the outlet.

The concept of having to actually pay for your power in a Starbucks or an airport might not sound like something to get excited about, but there are upsides as well, and justifications. The largest concern is probably the increasing commonality of electric cars, or at least, the potential for it. If you’re just charging your phone or something off a public outlet, you probably aren’t using that much electricity. But if you’re charging a car, you’re probably using enough that you should probably be paying for it.



Source: Geeko System