At CES 2012, Sony unveiled its new range of MicroVault Mach Flash Drives which are now equipped with the fastest USB 3.0 connections. So you wonder whats the big deal in this? Well well, behold, the new MicroVault Mach Flash Drives can achieve up to 60MB/s read speeds.

It is also is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports. The drives use Sony’s tried-and-true “Click and Plug” mechanism that hides the USB connector within the body when the drive is not in use.


The new Sony range of MicroVault Mach flash drives will be available in the 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. The shipping will begin later this month. Official pricing details are not yet revealed.

Source: Tech Crunch

  • infidel-x

    adata and transcend have got their usb 3 pen drives to india quite some time back…around 1.2k for 16gigs @flipkart…so publishing sony is going to unveil a usb 3 pen drive which just like the 1s i mentioned performs like usb 2 on drugs and not theoretical usb 3 speeds and probably costs a lot more than a grand for 16gigs , is only going 2 attract some sarcastic comments 🙂


  • Well infidel-x we would love to hear your opinions and your thought’s at Geektech. We appreciate our viewers being so active in our blog.