Sony showed off its S1 and S2 tablets at an event in Munich for the first time and German site Golem shared its experience with the devices in a video (below).Both tablets were briefly demonstrated during a Sony conference that took place in Munich, Germany, where a video of the Sony S2 in action was captured along with a photo of the Sony S1. Unfortunately, the company did not allow any further pictures to be taken, and neither was it generous on sharing any technical details about the devices.

The Sony S1 tablet reportedly felt okay to hold and weighs 600g or so. The tablet runs Android 3.0 but with a heavily modified UI. It played the classic Crash Bandicoot in 4:3 aspect, with the bars around the image reserved for the game controls. There’s a proprietary USB port but Sony didn’t say much on what adapters might connect to it (some sort of TV-Out would be nice).The S2, with its twin 5.5-inch screens, reminded the Golem staffer of the Nintendo DS as it folded onto itself.The S2 also sported a PlayStation logo on its body for further evidence of its gaming-ready credentials. The 9.4-inch, single screen S1 lacked a PlayStation logo but it should also have the ability to play some PlayStation-branded games.



Source: electronista