How would you feel if the interviewer predicts you and your behavior by just seeing your Twitter posts? Well, researchers are now developing a software that can predict a job candidate’s personality and behavior by analyzing their postings on Twitter.

IBM research in San Jose, California says people who use the words like ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘friends’, ‘family’, ‘health’ and ‘home’ on their Twitter profile are more likely to care for the welfare of others. And those who are opposite to this are more likely to use the words ‘work’, ‘school’, ‘job’, ‘music’ and ‘beer’. Perfectionists can be identified by their use of the words ‘perfect’ and ‘chauffeur’. Where as people who settled for just good enough used the words ‘mix’, ‘half’ and ‘fix’.Based on this understanding, researchers have tested 300 Twitter profiles using this software and the outcome was that 80% of the results were highly correlated. The software simply scans the person’s Twitter postings to assess their mix.

Source: firstpost