If you ever wondered how the delicious looking food on your TV smelt like? It likely to be possible to smell food on your TV in the near future. Smellit is a new gadget from French company Olf-action, which is designed to add “the smell dimension” to various forms of digital entertainment. The company is already building a syncronization system for movie theaters called Odoravision. Smellitis still a prototype, the company has listed out some of the aromas or fragrances that the gadget is able to produce.

It is unknown how the device works but in some future if is definitely going to be a must have gadget for your home theater system. If you are interested in sniffing out the Smellit device, then you can visit Lisbon Design Show in Portugal show between October 11th and 15th.

  • The only thing I can see this working for is advertising, where food companies pay to have a device in the TV that can pump food smells into the room during their commercials