When it comes to Silicon Valley the one thing that pops in our mind is “the place where the world’s best tech geeks work!” So how much do they earn? Well well, hold you breath; as per Wall Street Journal report the average annual salaries for Silicon Valley technology workers surpassed the $100,000 mark last year.

Dice Holdings, a tech-jobs website operator, said that software and engineering professionals in California’s Silicon Valley salaries rose 5.2 percent to $104,195 in 2011, compared to the nationwide average of $81,327. The company’s salary survey stems back to 2001; last year’s was the first to surpass the $100,000 mark.

“There’s a tussle for talent growing in Silicon Valley and employers have to pay up,” said Mr. Silver. Overall, tech-job postings in Silicon Valley on Dice rose to 5,026 earlier this month, up 26% from 3,974 a year ago, he said, even as tech-jobs postings nationwide only rose 11% over the same period.

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