Sigma has announced DP3 Merrill compact camera coming with 46-megapixel (15.3-megapixel equivalent) Foveon X3 APS-C sensor, offering 4,800×3,200×3 layers and 44 recording megapixels 4,704×3,136×3 layers.

[box_light]“The Foveon X3 direct image sensor captures all primary RGB colors at each and every pixel location with 3 layers, ensuring the capture of full and complete color. Since color moiré is not generated, the use of a low-pass filter is not required, meaning light and color are captured by the 46 megapixel 23.5×15.7mm full-color X3 Merrill sensor with a three-dimensional feel.”[/box_light]

Sigma Unveiled DP3 Merrill 46 Megapixel Foveon X3 Camera

This next generation camera is equipped with a 50mm F2.8 lens, Dual TRUE II image processing engine, 7 frames continuous shooting, auto and manual focus options, RAW+JPEG format recording, and a 3.0″ TFT color LCD Monitor.

[box_light]“ISO sensitivity can be set from ISO 100 to ISO 6400. By setting the range to 1/3 EV steps from the default 1 EV steps, it is possible to set the sensitivity to ISO 125 or ISO 160. ISO AUTO, where the camera automatically sets the ISO sensitivity according to brightness of the shooting environment enables you to set the upper limit and lower limit depending on your shooting style.[/box_light]


  • PBX

    I thought that Sigma are lens manufacturers? Well this is another step up for their company. Sure this will take great photos.