Sidecar is all new app, which could revolutionize phone calls for good. Sidecar not only lets make phone calls but also lets u share photos,videos , contacts and even your location , all this in the middle of a call. Sidecar lets you do call using WiFi , well this nothing new since there are many apps out there which lets you do this.

The main difference in Sidecar and others is that Sidecar makes it super simple to use, and the WiFi call are free to anywhere in the world.  You could also use this app to make free calls to phone numbers as long as  they are in the US or Canada


Using this new app you can send contacts while in the middle of a call without the need to put the other line on hold or cut and call back. Photo sharing is also made easy, now sending photos in between calls can be done, but Sidecar allows you to take snaps  and share all during a call.

With Sidecar you can share your location too, now making plans is so much easier. You can either send your location or send the location of a meeting place.

As far as we know , this new app has quite some bugs and need to be perfected.


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