Pyro Fireball launcher

Pyro Fireshooter lets you be a superhero by allowing you to throw fireballs right from your wrist. This device was originally created by Patrick Priebe and was redesigned for illusionists by magician Adam Wilber. With Pyro you will be able to launch fireballs up to a distance of 30 ft directly from the wrist mounted launcher.

The device comprises a wearable strap that looks much like a watch, and a trigger button. It is capable of firing up to 4 fireballs from 4 individually triggered barrels. You can now purchase this device for $174.

Adam Wilber explains:

“Fire. Since the dawn of time it has been the reward at the end of man’s quest. Both creator and destroyer, it has historically been the element hardest to control. Until now. Your quest is over. The power of fire in the palm of your hand. That’s the power of PYRO.

The first of its kind, PYRO is a high-tech, wrist-worn, James Bond style device that allows you to shoot magnificent balls of fire from your open hand. Featuring four separate chambers for multiple shots, an easy to use remote device, soft touch finish and adjustable wrist strap, PYRO is about to turn up the heat on your performances.”

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Source: geeky-gadgetsElluionist website