AMD Radeon Graphics have launched their new bad boy of graphics, The Sapphire Radeon HD 6970. The card is clocked at 800MHz , has a 2GB GDDR5 RAM which is clocked at 1,375MHz. Dual fan cooler which has 90mm thin impeller fans which gives better air flow at low RPM and a dual BIOS which gives users a choice between quiet or performance modes.

The Dual BIOS feature:

When set to quiet mode, the Dual fans keep the card quiet and also 25% cooler than a standard model even under load. But whe switched into performance mode, its true potential is achieved. The core voltage of the GPU raises to 1.2V, the fan speed is at a higher performance profile and the card gets overclocked by 50% by powertuning. This is done through the AMD overdrive or Sapphire TriXX, resulting in a core frequency of 1500MHz and memory frequency of 2000MHz.