Samsung has got its  most exciting product in CES 2012. The display you can gaze right through.  Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window, the 22-inch LCD panel can not only show you everything your regular computer display does, but is also clear so that you can look through at what’s outside your home.

This 22-inch LCD screen has a resolution 1680*1080 pixels and 500:1 contrast ratio. The screen is around 20-22 percent more transparent than old LCDs. You can literally look through the screen. The screen features widgets, like Twitter, a calendar or a clock. It also has virtual blinds that you can open or close with the tip of your fingers.

Smart windows are expected to reach consumers sometime in 2012.

  • me

    This smart window is so cool! I could picture using it in an office since it’s the perfect size for sharing. It would even be cool for presentations when they make a bigger version. My other favorite gadget announced at CES is the Hopper from my employer, DISH. It’s a new DVR that allows users to access and manage the content from up to four rooms. That way when I get tired in the middle of watching a movie, all I have to do is pause it so I can finish watching in the bedroom. I just can’t wait until they release it to the public so I can get one!!!

  • Well once we get details on the Hopper from, DISH. we would love to post the news and it’s feature on our geektech blog.

  • Timmy R

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