Samsung Electronics disclosed its 2012 2Q record breaking earnings profit of $5.9 billion. With the Galaxy range of smartphone becoming ever popular and the demand for Galaxy S3 is rising, Samsung is going to expect bigger profits in Q3. Samsung  has sold over 10 million Galaxy S3 since launch and would have sold lot more if they were able to keep up with the massive demand for the device.

Samsung sells 380 smartphone every minute which accounts to 70% of the overall business.

Samsung Electronics’ Pre-Earnings Guidance

– Sales: Approximately 47 trillion Won
– Operating Profit: Approximately 6.7 trillion Won

The above estimate is provided for the convenience of investors, before the earnings results are finalized. Domestic disclosure regulations do not allow earnings estimates to be given in a range. Therefore, the above figures are the median of the earnings estimate range given below.

– Sales: 46 ~ 48 trillion Won
– Operating Profit: 6.5 ~ 6.9 trillion Won

Source: geeky-gadgets

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