It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the hottest smartphone around the world and it is got its stats that back it up. Samsung says that 3 million units of the Galaxy S II have been sold in just 55 days making it the fastest selling phone in Samsung’s history. At the current rate Samsung Galaxy S II finds an owner every 1.5 seconds. In the U.K., Samsung has been the top selling handset manufacturer for 17 straight weeks now.

Samsung Electronics has increased its mobile market share in Europe after the sale of Galaxy S 2 to the smartholics there. UK’s local major reviewer selected Galaxy S 2 as the best mobile phone in May and June, Samsung Electronics has become the most sold mobile brand for straight 17 weeks. In Austria, Galaxy S 2 jumped into the fourth place on the smartphone hit-list, right after its release. In Switzerland, it spearheaded into the third. Owing to the fast-growing popularity of Galaxy S 2, Samsung Electronics topped the Austrian smartphone market with the market share of 30 percent. It also seized 36 percent of the smartphone market in Switzerland.

Samsung Electronics held the launching events of Galaxy S 2 in Mexico and Brazil on June 30 to spread its ‘smart’ frenzies to Latin America. The device is not yet available in the U.S. where cell phone fanatics are eagerly awaiting the launch of the phone. The goal Samsung set for itself to sell 10 million units this year certainly seems like it will be eclipsed very easily, especially if the U.S. launch happens as expected.

source: Flickr