Samsung has launched a huge 75 inch ES9000 Smart LCD TV in South Korea featuring 7.9mm bezel, frame finished in “rose gold” and is powered by a 1GHz dual core processor to run Smart TV feature and apps like  gesture-based interaction and the Smart Evolution upgrade capability.

[box_dark]“Samsung’s ES9000 also represents the culmination of Samsung’s latest design and engineering technologies, and marks a new era of minimalistic design. Because Super OLED technology features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which do not require a backlight, the TV weighs 30 percent less than a standard LED TV, and sports a sleek design thinner than 0.3 inches—one quarter of the thickness of a conventional LED TV.”[/box_dark]

The Smart LCD TV is sold only in South Korea right now for ₩19.8 million or $17,424, no information when the TV is going to be available worldwide.

Source: theverge

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