Russia announced on Monday that they have huge deposit of diamonds buried under an impact crater in Siberia. The Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported that Russian government has declassified a large deposit of diamonds in a meteorite crater formed 35 million years ago. The diamond found there are no ordinary diamonds, they are twice as hard as normal, because tof instantaneously violent extraterrestrial origins.

The crater is located in Popigai, Siberia, burred trillions of carats of diamonds which accounts to hundreds of thousands of tons of diamonds. The crater also represents 10 times as much raw diamond as the entire world’s supply of the diamond reserves all put together. This was know to Russian government 40 years ago but was kept as a secret.

Russian news agency, “use of these minerals in the manufacturing industry is capable of a technical revolution.” The unique composition of these “extraterrestrial gemstones” could make them uniquely valuable for the technology industry:

[box_dark]According to Academician Pokhilenko, “the value of impact diamonds is added by their unusual abrasive features and large grain size.” “This expands significantly the scope of their industrial use and makes them more valuable for industrial purposes / in metalworking, in production of efficient semiconductors, etc./,” he said. In addition, as yet, impact diamonds with similar specifications have not been discovered anywhere else in the world. Thus, experts speak about their extraterrestrial origin and claim that Russia becomes a monopoly owner of unlimited supplies of this unique raw material, which is of highly demand in advanced technologies. Scientists forecast, this raw material reserves “would be enough for the entire world for 3.000 years.” Use of these minerals in the manufacturing industry is capable of a technical revolution.[/box_dark]

The giant pile of diamond rock present was probably part of an part of an ancient impact crater. Popigai crater currently is the 7 largest impact crater on Earth at 62 miles in diameter which was formed 35 million years ago when an asteroid size of 3 to 5 miles in diameter hit Siberia. The extra-hard diamonds are ideal for industrial use in everything from cutting and polishing to making semiconductors. Since these rare diamonds don’t exist in large amount any where else Russia may monopoly on impact diamonds to supply the rest of the world for next 3,000 years or so.

Source: dvice

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