Nothing is too convenient, once you get used to some gadget a better one releases which is far more convenient and powerful. And we think this concept will put our laptops and tablets to shame. Germany’s Orkin Design came up with the Rolltop design concept which incorporates the flexible OLED  display and touchscreen technologies creating a cylindrically shaped laptop which can be rolled out in the form of a notebook , monitor or a tablet. Talk about a “all in one package”.

This design eliminates the laptop bag completely and also the cumbersome cables in it. In the Rolltop design the display is wrapped around a cylindrical column. Once the display panel is set, the top of the column can be detached and acts as a plug, while a power cord can be extended from the base to power the display.  The central section of the column acts as speakers and it  consists of USB and LAN ports at the base.And a webcam right above the speakers.

The display can be set in three ways, first like the conventional notebook with the  upper part of the screen acting as the display and lower as an onscreen keyboard. The display comes up to around 13″. Secondly it can function as a tablet, where the display is made flat and the whole display is used with a stylus which pops out from its side. Finally the whole 17″ flat panel display is made to stand on it’s side acting as a monitor.

When we need to move, the Rolltop easily can be compacted into a cylinder which is 11″ (28cm) long and 3.26″(8.3cm) diameter. Orkin Design have said that they would see through till concept is a seen as a real product. For the actual technical hurdles though, not much is know. But we can be sure that its not going to be a walk in the park.

Source: Gizmag