First it was the planes that went remote-control, shooting missiles now its remote-controlled boat that shoots missiles. The U.S navy has built a 36-foot inflatable hulled, remote control boat with Six anti-armor missiles. The boat was successfully tested at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station by striking targets 2 miles away.

The US Navy seems to have big plans for this project as it could be used in numerous fields like mine clearance, harbor security and spying without actually being on the boat. This is the first time a remote-controlled floating vessel has been armed for combat purposes.

[box_dark]The Navy’s program manager for the armed drone boat project, Mark Moses says The Precision Engagement Module “could be used in a number of applications including harbor security, defensive operations against fast attach craft and swam scenarios, which is of primary concern for the Navy,” says Moses. “However, it is probably most effective when targets try and hide among commercial vessels –for example, congested waterways.”[/box_dark]

The boat had been in development for past few years  at a Navy base in Newport, 11-meter inflatable boat is armed with dual-pod missile launcher and an Mk-49 mounting system fully automated. This Precision Engagement Module is developed to defend US waters and tackle pirates.

The world today we live in is where unconventional attacks occur with unconventional weapons and tactics. Technology plays a more important role in today’s warfare as more and different types of threats emerge. This remote-control inflatable boat may be infused into the Navy soon just like the drones controlled form bases miles away.

Source: wired

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