Recette+ (Recetteplus) is a social network that is specialized in the communication around food and recipes. It was launched few weeks earlier and is named “The Recipe Social Network” too. Registration in Recette+ is free. Its philosophy: Recipes are made to be shared.

– In a first time, it allows you to consult, share and add your favorite recipes with your entourage, everywhere in the world.

– In a second time, it offers to its users a social graph technology to communicate with your contacts about all your food life (photos, recipes, posts and others functions). Recette+ is distinguished from all recipes website using this social network design.

A user who currently use internet will understand how to use this new website easily. For other people, we suggest you to not pass the introduction. You can invite your friends easily (because you know that a social network is not funny when you are alone).

Recette+ is not a simple recipes website, it doesn’t publish recipes for its users. Users create recipes for their family and friends (or for everybody). The search engine of this social network look for into these recipes, which create an unlimited potential for the number of recipes.

Users create the content, and a news feed is present to inform all users about the best recipes and photos of the website. The rating system of Recette+ use a “+”, which create a new verb “to plus”. You can plus a recipe, a photo or a post, and doing this you become a plussor.

Actually, this social network is available only in English and some functions are optimized for the United States of America, but all the world can use it. The founders of this unique social networking site are Lyes Kaidi (23 years old) and Selgi Leblanc (22 years old).

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