After releasing an infographic in May on how a Google search travels around the world in order to get you the latest results, the search engine giant now wants its users to know how to efficiently carry out a search. The company’s Senior Research scientist Dan Russell has announced that Google will offer a community-based course called ‘Power searching with Google’ starting Tuesday which will guide its applicants on how to use Google Search more effectively and efficiently to exactly get the result they desire.

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Russell also said that the course will be open to everyone and that it will be useful to beginners as well as for people who do know some ‘tricks of the trade’. The classes can be taken at one’s own leisure and it will consist of six different 50-minute course covering topics on usage of tools like Google Groups, Google + and Hangouts etc to improve your search experience. Also, the applicant will receive a company certified printable certificate mailed to them.

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Source: Mashable

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