Parul Khanna, if you are an ardent reader of  GeekTech this name should be know to you. Parul Khanna , 21 years old is India’s youngest and pioneer in Cyber security and Cyber crimes consultant . Parul Has  conducted various  different training sessions across India, Hong Kong, Parts of South China Macau  and Across the globe  on various topics related to Cyber Security  and Mobile Hacking to an audience comprising of top level management, entrepreneurs, technical specialists, defense personnel and students.He has Trained 5000+  Tech Lovers and Security Professionals Internationally.

Recently Parul had been as a Research Speaker at Mobile & Wireless Solutions Forum 2013  Which was held on 20 March at World Trade Centre , Kualalampur Malaysia. Which was held on 20 March at World Trade Centre ,Kualalampur Malaysia. And on the next day on March 21 his  reasearch was selected at InfoSec Security Asia 2013 Coneference which held on 21 March at World Trade centre , Kualalampur Malaysia.


Parul Khanna was one of the 12 speakers chosen for the two conferences and also the youngest among them. 

Parul Khanna is a true asset to India and we can be sure that he will be seeing more of him in the future. From Team GeekTech we wish him all the very best .