Palestinian hackers hack ESET, Bitdefender, AVG, Avira, Leaseweb and WhatsApp's website

Today, a Palestinian hacking group ‘KDMS Team’ hacked websites of 2 of world’s best antivirus firms –  ESET and Bitdefender. KDMS team is also responsible for hacking into Metasploit website of security firm Rapid7, world’s largest web hosting network Leaseweb website and antivirus vendors AVG and Avira. They had also managed to hack into popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp’s websites.


The hacked website played Palestinian national anthem and displayed the below message in BitDefender’s website:

Hello bitdefender
Touched By KDMS team
We was thinking about quitting hacking and disappear again ..!
But we said : there is some sites must be hacked
You are one of our targets Therefore we are here ..
And there is another thing .. do you know Palestine ?
There is a land called Palestine on the earth This land has been stolen by Zionist Do you know it ?
Palestinian people has the right to live in peace Deserve to liberate their land and release all prisoners from israeli jails We want peace Long Live Palestine

Source: thehackernews