Pakistan Cyber Army, popularly know as PCA got hacked by stranger/lucky/codebreaker. Stranger belongs to Indian Cyber Army (Team ICA). There has been history of cyber attacks between Pakistan Cyber army and Indian Cyber army Members.

Hacked Site:

Stranger has leaked cracked passwords of around 1500+ users but the username is not included.

Here are his exact words:

Here are the cracked passwords i cracked around 1500+ users but the username is not included in the list so i’ll tell you guys a easy way simple download the excel file which is above open that search the hash in that and you can find the username as well as passwords… shit
to say but some guys used the same passwords to their emails as well so try your luck or elze  what ever u wanna do do it spam, play , abuse or what ever you feel like its all yours here goes the passwords list

Database details are provided here:

  • Fuck…!! thats not true its fake…!!! check out their database… thousands of people are there. fuck off indians….!!! you can’t compete pakis…! We Pakis R0ck3xxxxxx