Ever seen pillow that doesn’t look like a pillow? an Ostrich pillow is a bizarre and out of the alien world looking pillow, where you can stick your head inside and take a power nap any where and whenever you want. The Pillow has got few holes where you can stick your head in and holes to put your hands in, also a small outlet for you to breath.

[box_dark]The Kickstarter project page refers to it as “a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, traveling, or wherever you want.”[/box_dark]

If you are to use this pillow in an airport then you may be visited by security officials questioning what bizarre thing you got there. This pillow attracts a lot of attention when used in public. The Ostrich pillow will cost about $75 and all the public attention for free.

Source: Cnet

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