ORIGIN PC announces the availability of their smallest laptop yet, the powerful, lightweight, new EON11-S and Intel’s new 3rd Generation “Ivy Bridge” Core Processors. The new compact high performance laptop debuts with ORIGIN PC’s exclusive new laptop design, Intel’s 3rd generation mobile processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M graphics, and NVIDIA Optimus Technology. Origin PC is also offering Intel’s 3rd generation “Ivy Bridge” processors to their full line of award winning desktops and laptops for gamers, artists, enthusiasts and professionals.

ORIGIN PC’s EON11-S features:
– Exclusive ORIGIN PC Laptop Design: Available as a free upgrade in matte black, matte red, glossy silver, or your choice of custom paint. Traditional style also optional

– Intel’s 3rd Generation Mobile Processors: The highly anticipated mobile processors offer significant performance and improved onboard graphics with DirectX 11 support

– NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Graphics: NVIDIA’s powerful mobile graphics come with 2GB of DDR5 memory and can play all of the latest PC games smoothly in stunning high detail

– NVIDIA Optimus Technology: Enables over 6.5 hours of battery life on the EON11-S by automatically switching on and off the GPU so that it runs only when needed

– Lightweight Design: Weighing less than 4lbs, the EON11-S is the perfect compact powerhouse that’s easy to carry and easy to travel with

– THX TruStudio Pro: THX TruStudio Pro gives you the ability to tweak your audio to perfection and enjoy games and movies in crisp, clear quality

– Full Connectivity: The EON11-S has everything for mobile power users including Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless networking, USB 3.0 and HDMI out to connect to your favorite HD TV or display

– Free Lifetime 24/7 Support: Every ORIGIN PC comes with industry leading Lifetime 24/7 Support based in the United States

The EON11-S is Fully Customizable starting at $999.00

Intel 3rd Generation Core™ Processors Features:
– Amazing new 22 nm manufacturing process with Tri-Gate Transistors

– Improved memory controller for faster memory and improved stability

– ORIGIN PC Professional Overclocking capability on the Intel Core i7-3920XM Processor

“ORIGIN PC continues to lead the industry by unveiling our powerful, compact, lightweight EON 11-S and adding Intel’s highly anticipated 3rd generation processors to our award winning lineup of desktops and laptops.” said Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder. “Everyone dreams of a laptop that is smaller, lighter, has a longer battery life and has the ability to play all of the latest PC games well. The EON11-S makes that dream a reality and without making any “ultra-sacrifices”.”