Iron man 3 game

Iron Man 3 movie is been huge hit all over the globe. Gameloft has now launched the official Iron Man 3 game for Android and iOS devices.

The game play is pretty simple. The user plays the role of Iron Man, who tries to stop the evil ‘A.I.M’. The game has been described as an endless ‘flying’ game by Gameloft. The customization option allows you to upgrade up to 18 different Iron Man suits which include the iconic MK II, MK V and the Silver Centurion among others. In the game you discover 3 different locations offering endless, self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City and China.

You can download game from Play Store or the App Store. The game require about 795MB and 644MB of space on your Android and iOS devices respectively.



Source: BGR