Nvidia Tegra 4

Nvidia, best known for its graphics processing units (GPUs), has unveiled its latest mobile processor -the Tegra 4. The Tegra 4 chipset is a quad core processor with a fifth companion core. This new processor brings advancement in photography and new radio technology with 72 graphics cores and better imaging capabilities.

Tegra 4

This new CPU is based on ARM’s latest Cortex A-15 architecture, which gives it a considerable boost compared to the current ARM Cortex A-9 based Tegra 3 quad-core chipset. It uses less power while compared to the current processors. The processor is power packed with 72 graphics core  which is full six times higher than the Tegra 3. Demonstrating the HDR capability of the chipset, processor quickly takes two photos at different exposure levels and combines them into a single photo that has higher richness in terms of light and colour.Both Windows and Android tablet prototypes with the chipset installed was demonstrated by Nvidia. This kind of technical advancement will bring boost in apps performance and also better surfing experience for mobile banking, video buffering,etc.

Source: tech2