Have you ever wished you could spot the closest restaurant or ATM? Nokia LiveView is a fun and easy way to discover what is around you. Simply launch the app on your phone and LiveView will display the points of interests in the camera viewfinder.The Finnish firm also highlights the release’s tight integration with Ovi Maps, with deep hooks for turn-by-turn navigation and sharing — allowing you to spam friends as to your future whereabouts via SMS.


Nokia LiveView connects you to what you’re looking for – and more – exactly when and where you want it. With LiveView you can:

  • Select your interests in many different categories – LiveView will filter the points of interests and present your choices
  • Know your options – get details, read reviews of restaurants and hotels
  • Enjoy the place – with one tap you can make a reservation, or navigate to the location via turn by turn walking map

Source: Betalab-Nokia